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Welcome to The Rojhani Law Group. My name is Selena Rojhani and I opened my law firm in 2009 after experiencing too many business and legal matters that became more complex and costly when they fell into the hands of lawyers. The Rojhani Law Group is founded on creating comprehensive, cost-effective, efficient solutions for each unique situation – simply stated, getting the Problem Solved.

Each person, each business, and each situation is different and calls for a unique set of actions. I am intimately involved in each case to listen to the client’s needs and goals, and to work with my team to create the best, most comprehensive solutions for each client.

With nearly 20 years of legal experience, I know financial distress. I know its symptoms, its causes and its various cures from every angle. On the flip side, I know how to build a successful business with a solid foundation. My clients range from the hard-working consumer who has fallen behind and is inundated with bills or personal debt, to businesses which have been growing for years and need an aggressive corporate law firm to help protect and expand their business.

My education, experience and passion for art and fashion have enabled me to represent creative minds and develop their businesses, as well as reduce their debt and liabilities, each with unparalleled understanding. As an artist and a designer, I clearly connect with the fire that burns behind each creative idea and the critical need for solid business direction to ensure success.

Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Debt Settlement and Reduction

Fashion Industry Law


I am more than a lawyer: I get the Problem Solved.


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